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kem utk budak sekolah area kuching sarawak
 "from zero we can be a hero!!"
what we need to do is put effort and work on it to be a hero!
it's a delicious recipe to success!!
bright path to achieve our dream...

last sem, hana kene amek ko-Q
wajib ambil wlpn xnak
nmpk sgt cam tpkse amek kann??
hana amek subteras: selangkah ke menara gading
well, first impression mesti set dalam kepala benda2 negatif
 tak bes, bosan, xsama ngan kawan.,cmpur gn fakulti laen blablabla
isk isk isk tak patot la hana nie

ONCE u get into dat group
jeng jeng jeng

akulah fasilitator itu...kikiki
jd budak balik kene bt refreshment rumput
kak ton berexplorace ronda2 unimas
bwk adik2 jalan2
ber xi shua shua......
dpt booth ko-Q paling POPULAR noks!
makan..aum aum aum.....

bnyk pengalaman aku dapat drpd program tu...
dapat kenal gn adik2 dari sarawak
ramai kawan y sgt ohcem aku kenal termasuk lah kak limah kak limah kat atas nih...
siap bknalan dgn kwan satu matrik lg..hahaha....
ape laa, kwn satu matrik pun xkenal..
katak di bawah pondok betul laa..
tp lps je program tu, xjumpe sgt dah..
uhm..masing2 bz dgn esaimen, kls, gerek n etc,etc

p/s: kamek ucapkan selamat hari gawai..gaya guru gerai nyamai kawan2!!!


  1. lol, there's nothing change in ur writing style,
    anwy all the best in ur life.
    ,it's fun and a worth read

  2. hana.. :)) em..4u "lifehouse - blind"

  3. okay.wat r u tryin 2 say actly?

  4. em, i was so sleepy when i am writing that.. now had forgot what really that i wanted to say.. i was always like that whenever im being too sleepy

  5. ouh.okay.so, whenever u feel sleepy, just sleep. dont make a comment yea!

  6. okayy hana ^^.. when i was sleepy i'll sleep but when i am extremely sleepy i'll comment... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzTFqKc5hT4
    ..em..is it often for u to use ur twitter?

  7. one fine day, i'll dedicate this song to my penguin. hoho. thanks for the link! oh! ehm. about twitter, since i dont have many friends to tweet-tweet,so im just check it once in a week or mybe twice.whY?

  8. oh, em welcome :) em other, than penguin, swan also stay monogamy for a lifetime (if im not mistaken,studied that).. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nYtTyKntW8 em i'd deactivate my old twitter, then i make a new one.. might follow u, if i do, follow me back. em i use twitter (new one), mainly to write checklist or diary.. em i have 2 q's, em after u'd finished ur degree u consider to work or continuing doing master? 2nd, i have 2 reasons why i gave you 2 teddies.. do u know what the reasons are?

  9. insyaAllah, i do folo u. if i get offer to work, off course i'll grab dat chance! but depends on what type of job is and their salary as well. if i do not get the job, i'll cont.study.n just for sharing, its just a plan, my planning,if i cont. stdy, i prefer to study abroad.i know my goal was so high. but we must set high goal. its the only way to motivate me to work harder than before n to boost our spirit. ugh sucks, feel like giving motivational talks. lolss. i don knoe y u gve me 2 teddies actly. and im sorry, i throw ur 'stuff' into da dustbin. but just a few stil wif me and that cute teddies oso stil wif me.

  10. em, the 2 reasons why i gave both 2 teddies,.. 1st, em honestly at first u said that u want a big big teddy, but..i dont know how it will fit the box, and send it over the sea, em i'll forgot why i didnt bought the big one..but atleast when i bought 2 of it, it will still look big what huhu. at least i think it will still occupy the same volume of space that being occupy by one big bear. the 2nd reason why i gave u 2 teddies is, em, honestly i'd already counted the possiblity, taking accounted of my immaturity, i'd knew that there will be some quarrelling. so then, i were trying to say is that, yellowish-brown is for 21 b'day. and the blue one is for 22. a year early, much say.

    well, i think to have big dream is important. em, and success it's not a thing, come one at a time, i think it's about continuing habit, it is daily thing, honestly. if u dont give ur best at the time given, well time never coming back no matter what. talk about motivation, well, for my post graduation, i thought i want to end up as lecturer or researcher, stuff like that, means i will taking master.. i had met one of my lecturer, and he had told me what to do, more about the interest, attitude and endless love and discipline in acquiring knowledge. well, if you wanted to read things that he was advising me, u can read it here, http://faizulsgalore.blogspot.com/ (under success route topic for that one) ..prof mashor. i keep this blog for me to read..
    the are few things that i agree with him like, the lacking of critical thinking among the students.. he told to me READ A LOT and write a lot (academic stuff, any philosophy, knowledge, advanced or fundamental, critics, stuff like that).

    about being abroad, ya i think it is a good idea. make sure u ask anyone who know about that earlier (lecturer, company that provide scholarship). if im not mistaken usm also provide master programme, provide scholarship to do master at any international. em, better to be well-informed, easy to aim n focus then. the advantage of any other international U have are probably they have the specialist in certain field that our local U don't have..

    em, i want to tell u something that, at home i thought i want to read about 2 or 3 books.. particularly they are academic books that are in my range of interest.. but before that i planned to do a bit of programming, like, in biology, something we also need to calculate few things, especially when we want to prove something by doing statistical evaluation and calculation.. and beforee programming all the bio stuff, i had other plan, which is, emm.. i want to program the laser light that being reflected in a closed room or box (imagine that its inner wall is all mirror)..

    and to program that, well, it had been 4 days i trying to figure out that (theoritically), and it was still not done.. if u still remember that i did the sudoku program, last time (at my blog), that one was easy.. this was more fun.. it requires me imagination, and to read bits of math, and imagination.. maybe after 2 weeks, less or more i will complete in doing it.. (well, u can read about them here), http://faizulsgalore.blogspot.com/2013/07/physics-based-programming-laser-light_2.html ..just now i posted it.. after finished that then i can really start reading books, n analyse anything that is being absorbed.

    em,i hv followed you.
    em, i still wonder, u study under what field hana? human resource right? that have a bit overlapping between business and social science.. social science involve science, people and society, while business involve marketing skills, tricks and management right.. to know a bit of the philosophy behind things like that is cool..

  11. Hai.. done follow sini no. 84,
    Jom follow me back, salam kenal yea..